From Smart Homes to self-driving vehicles, digitization is changing the way we live and work. All aspects of society have experienced this change and manufacturing quality control is no different. Tools such as AQF Online have made quality control for importers simpler and easier than ever before. 

So how exactly is digitization improving the working lives of importers and projects managers? Here are a few key benefits:

Reducing Quality Control Issues

In essence, digitization means that having digital quality processes enables you to work with the rest of your supply chain to identify and resolve quality issues early on. This means that it will save the entire supply chain money and help you keep your customers even happier.

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Reducing Quality-Related Expenses

This goes hand-in-hand with the previous point. When you are able to identify problems with quality early on -- like on the factory floor -- you'll be able to address the problems before being shipped to the retailer. Not only does this help you save money, but it also helps you save your reputation. While no one wants there to be quality-related problems, it's a good idea to find them quickly through manufacturing quality control on the factory floor while they can still be fixed without massive costs, such as from recalls.

Increasing the Efficiency of Your Quality Control Auditor

It's recognized that this also holds true for the quality control auditors that are external to your organization, such as those from governmental agencies or industry standardization agencies. Having effective manufacturing quality control using digitization, auditors can increase the speed of their inspections, leading to more audits being conducted, and increased data accuracy through using a tablet that uploads information to the cloud. This also means that the auditor can see all needed information with a tap on the tablet, as well as review any information later.


Accessing Real-Time Analytics

Being in manufacturing, you know how important analytics are. Being engaged in quality control, you really know how important analytics are. Combining the two fields to manufacturing quality control, real-time analytics becomes critical to the success of your company and the product being manufactured. Thus, with digital quality control, real-time analytics are delivered to management quickly, making it easier for them to predict possible issues based on historical data and potentially prevent recurrences of these issues.

Explore The Benefits of Digitization with AQF Online

Quality control issues can be a major headache for manufacturers and project managers. And when a setback does occur, stress levels intensify. 

AQF online is our online portal that we designed to help centralized your QC processes into a single easy-to-use dashboard. Not only does this help you save time by coordinating inspections or audits, it also helps you keep projects on track and avoid delays.


To put it simply, we use digitization to simplify complex supply chains and improve your quality control processes. Visit AQF Online or Contact Us to learn more.


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