"5 Misconceptions of QC Inspection in China"

Discover 5 common misconceptions that importers often hold about QC in China which, if unaddressed, could affect your business negatively.


Do YOU Have QC In China All Wrong?

Download and read our free eBook "5 Misconceptions Of QC Inspection In China" where the InTouch Quality team reveal some of the most common misgivings about product quality and QC in China. You'll discover:

  • Why the misconception persists that China only manufactures low quality products and why that's not true.
  • How well Chinese factories really understand their client.
  • The kinds of wrongful assumptions importers often make which can lead to product quality problems and other issues.
  • How much QC staff can really influence suppliers.
  • If an inspection result is actually a green light to ship.
  • If QC companies truly eliminate manufacturing problems at their source.
Whether you're a QC professional interested in learning about dealing with Chinese suppliers, or the layman interested in knowing what forces are at work in the Chinese made products you take for granted, this eBook has a lot to offer.

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