3 Tips for Stronger Supplier Relationships

by Sunny Wong on 31 Mar 2016 | 0 Comments
Indicating to the supplier that you care about the relationship is a step in the right direction to improving it. But just saying you care is not enough. Time and well-placed effort are ultimately what create strong supplier relationships. Here are a few tips to help you foster a stronger business partner.

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3 Vital Questions to Ask before Product Rework

by Stacy Bruce on 24 Mar 2016 | 0 Comments
Rework sometimes comes at a considerable cost, can delay shipping and can even create more defects than it fixes. But sometimes it can also fix minor, major, or critical defects affecting your order. The final decision to rework or not depends on your situation and ultimately rests in your hands.

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3 Reasons to Sign a Non-Compete Agreement with a Vendor

by Chao Wang on 16 Mar 2016 | 0 Comments
A non-compete agreement can safeguard the relationship you have with your vendor and also give you the factory access you desire to improve your products.

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3 Disruptions to Manufacturing in China

by Vicky Yu on 10 Mar 2016 | 0 Comments
Eliminating disruptions to manufacturing in China is not always entirely possible, but armed with this information they are at least less severe.

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Top 5 Issues that Can Affect QC Auditor Integrity

by Chao Wang on 1 Mar 2016 | 0 Comments
Whatever your perception of corruption in manufacturing, you probably haven’t considered some of the many other issues that might challenge QC auditor integrity. These days, corruption often takes more subtle forms. Whether you’re working with a third-party inspector or hiring your own auditors, ask them to explain how they deal with and avoid potential integrity problems. Do they have a strict policy against accepting gifts, payment or other compensation from factory staff? Do they rotate auditors to avoid any one auditor becoming too close with a factory?

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What’s the Cost to Ship a Product Sample?

by Crystal Ge on 24 Feb 2016 | 0 Comments
A reliable courier is important in order to deliver the samples on time so that you can approve or decline the sample and let the supplier know if production can begin. What’s a reasonable cost to ship a product sample from Asia? There are a few factors that affect the shipping cost for product samples, such as origin, destination, number of parcels, weight and dimensions. You’ll probably want to choose the courier that offers you a combination of the most reliable shipping and the lowest price.

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5 Things a QC Company Can’t Control

by Oliver Knack on 19 Feb 2016 | 0 Comments
You might be surprised by what your independent auditor CAN and CANNOT do regarding scheduling and conducting a service on your behalf. It’s important for you to understand what factors your QC company can’t control so that you can address those with your supplier directly and avoid costly quality issues, shipping delays and other undesirable effects of losing control of production.

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3 Ways Pollution Affects Manufacturing in China

by Vicky Yu on 1 Feb 2016 | 0 Comments
How does pollution affect manufacturing in China? How have steps taken by the Chinese government to reduce pollution impacted the cost of manufacturing for importers? An overall increase in costs may be inevitable. But as an importer, it makes sense to support your factory in making these improvements as these can help you avoid supply chain issues and save money over time with increased factory efficiency and a lower defect rate.

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3 Ways Experienced Importers Avoid Production Delays

by George Huang on 18 Jan 2016 | 0 Comments
Importing a product takes guts. Whether you’re starting your own fledgling company and manufacturing for the first time or working as a purchasing manager in a Fortune 500 company, your success or failure depends on getting a product that meets your requirements shipped on-time. Following these three ways to keep to your production schedule, you can avoid the kinds of delays that cause factories to rush production, at the expense of quality.

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3 Reasons Your Supplier Might be Sending You the Wrong Message

by Megan Young on 28 Dec 2015 | 0 Comments
A lot of buyers express frustration in getting accurate information from their supplier. Supplier miscommunication can lead to shipping delays, quality problems and a host of other issues. Communication by phone, email or even through a face-to-face meeting at the factory can leave a lot of room for interpretation. Maybe your supplier is unwittingly sending you the wrong message.

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