Manufacturing In Vietnam: 5 Key Factors For Moving From China

by Maegan Burkhart on 16 Oct 2019 | 24 Comments
Many importers have found moving manufacturing to Vietnam isn’t as simple as just finding a new supplier. Let’s look at four key factors to consider before you move your manufacturing from China to Vietnam.

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Cambodia Raises Workers’ Wages for Fear of Losing EBA Status

by Polly Chen on 13 Oct 2019 | 2 Comments
Learn about why Cambodia raises workers' wages, what stops importers from sourcing outside China and Nike's sustainable distribution center in this week's roundup.

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What You Should Consider Before Manufacturing in Bangladesh

by AQF Team on 9 Oct 2019 | 2 Comments
Bangladesh’s labor costs are some of the lowest in Asia and the world. There are clearly opportunities for labor-intensive industries there. Check this out and explore greater detail of manufacturing in Bangladesh.

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Moving Production Away from China? Get the Best Freight Pricing with These 3 Tips

by Devorah Wolf on 2 Oct 2019 | 0 Comments
If you’re considering moving production out of China, you’re not alone. Here are three strategies for you to make sure you are getting the best pricing when making this move.

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Importing from Indonesia: Is This a Viable Alternative to China?

by AQF Team on 25 Sep 2019 | 0 Comments
Indonesia has thriving economy, improved logistics and infrastructure and rapidly growing labor force. Let's look at the five factors you should consider before moving your manufacturing to Indonesia.

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New Monitoring Body to Replace The Accord in Bangladesh

by Polly Chen on 22 Sep 2019 | 0 Comments
Learn the new body that will replace the Accord in Bangladesh, Thailand's "relocation package" and asbestos in cosmetics in this week's roundup.

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Thailand Manufacturing: An Alternative to Sourcing from China

by Maegan Burkhart on 18 Sep 2019 | 0 Comments
Thailand is one country perfectly suited to serve as an alternative manufacturing base to China. Here are four factors you should consider for your Thailand manufacturing supply chain.

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Asia Sourcing Guide: 11 Top Alternatives to China (eBook)

by Maegan Burkhart on 12 Sep 2019 | 0 Comments
An unsuitable manufacturing location can disrupt your supply chain and customer relationships. Check out this eBook and learn how to choose the right sourcing location in Asia.

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5 Different Types of Audits to Evaluate Your Supplier

by Maegan Burkhart on 23 Jul 2019 | 2 Comments
Factory audit remain an undervalued tool among importers to evaluate suppliers and minimize their risk. Here are five different types of audits to help you evaluate your suppliers and minimize risk in your supply chain.

Topics: Sourcing, Auditing Factories

5 China Sourcing Alternatives in Asia

by John Niggl on 11 Jun 2019 | 2 Comments
Thinking about relocating? Take a look at some of the different opportunities and challenges importers might experience in each of these China sourcing alternatives.

Topics: Sourcing, quality control in china

4 Critical Quality Controls For Cosmetics Packaging