Survive Chinese Supplier Negotiations with These Vital Considerations

by Matthew Milasius on 10 Dec 2017 | 0 Comments
This week on Best in Manufacturing, learn how not to get taken advantage of when negotiating with Chinese factories, the impact of environmental regulations on China's factories & more!

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3 Reasons Your Product Won’t Reach Customers in the Right Condition

by Crystal Ge on 1 Nov 2017 | 0 Comments
Packaging issues can lead to any number of problems that could mean game over for your business if you don't pay enough attention to packaging quality control.

Topics: Product Inspection, Packaging

5 Packaging Quality Control Checks No Importer Can Afford to Skip

by Samantha Lim on 25 Oct 2017 | 3 Comments
Your customer might rip off all your packaging materials when they receive your product. But that doesn't mean you should neglect packaging quality control!

Topics: Product Inspection, Packaging, Quality Control Checklist

Violating These Packaging Regulations Could Make Your Goods Unsellable

by Vicky Yu on 11 Oct 2017 | 9 Comments
Failure to meet packaging regulations can really hurt your ability to successfully import and distribute your products. Discover what these requirements are and how to avoid problems by ensuring your products comply with them.

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How Packaging Inspection Helps You Comply with Amazon FBA Standards

by Oliver Knack on 20 Sep 2017 | 2 Comments
Want your product to be one of the 608 million packages Amazon ships per year? Packaging inspection can help you ensure you comply with Amazon FBA packaging requirements before shipment!

Topics: Product Inspection, Packaging

3 Defects Often Found During Packaging Inspection and How to Fix Them

by Sunny Wong on 13 Sep 2017 | 4 Comments
It takes consumers just 7 seconds to form a first opinion about your product. Don't lose your chance due to bad packaging. Look out for these 3 packaging defects!

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5 Essential Garment Inspection Steps to Protect Your Quality

by George Huang on 5 Jul 2017 | 3 Comments
The last thing garment importers want is for their products to not fit as intended. Follow these 5 steps to garment inspection to avoid quality issues!

Topics: Product Inspection, Textile Products, Legal Requirements, Packaging

4 Critical Quality Controls For Cosmetics Packaging